Federal Criminal Defense

Challenging injustice and advancing the public good is the heart-felt mission of New York Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Ameer Benno. This NY attorney has spent his entire legal career working in the areas of Criminal Defense, Civil Rights/Constitutional Law and Appeals.

Attorney Ameer Benno

A good portion of the legal career of Attorney Ameer Benno has been devoted to civil rights. He served as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, gaining experience with a variety of criminal law matters, such as white-collar and violent crimes. His experience includes the investigation and prosecution of cases, including criminal jury trials. From that background, he moved on to private civil litigation law practice, appearing in state and federal courts. His active trial practice continued in 2009, when he formed his own private law firm and later, in 2014, when he merged that company and became a partner in another highly regarded law firm in NY. He continues to argue criminal and civil appeals in State and Federal courtrooms. Attorney Benno is currently serving clients statewide throughout New York.

New York Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Appearing in a Federal Court when you are the defendant is an intimidating and frightening experience. The penalties for a conviction are stiff, likely meaning long incarceration times, high fees and difficulties throughout your future. Your rights are at stake, as is your future freedom. This is no time to settle for anything less than a proven champion of civil rights. You need the skills and experience of New York federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Ameer Benno by your side, fighting back against injustice and helping you through this long process.

Courtroom Benefits

When you are facing Federal Court, you benefit from having a strong and very experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer representing your best interests. A thorough investigation of case facts and evidence is crucial to have, and the testimony of your expert witnesses is helpful in efforts to disprove the state’s case against you. Attorney Ameer Benno is a dedicated and hard-working professional with the very experience you now need most.

Contact the Law Offices of Ameer Benno, Attorney at Law, in New York, NY, today for a consultation about your Federal Criminal Defense case. He can advise you of your legal rights, options and be the knowledgeable and strong legal defender you need for best results. Make no mistake, your rights, your freedom and your future are at risk; you need this top-notch Federal Criminal Defense Attorney to work on your behalf. Call now for the legal advice and representation you need; phone Attorney Benno at (212) 227-9300.

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