Police Brutality

Police brutality is a term that includes use of excessive physical force, but it also is applied to actions where verbal attacks and psychological intimidation are used against a person in custody that police are accusing of a crime or attempting to arrest. Persons who have experienced unnecessarily rough treatment or who have loved ones who were treated with brutality need high quality legal representation from an experienced New York Police Brutality Lawyer.

Attorney Ameer Benno

Years of experience in State and Federal Court systems give Attorney Ameer Benno top-notch knowledge and insight into State and Federal criminal laws. His outstanding history serving New York State and private clients gained Attorney Ameer Benno highest recognition in the industry and from his peers. He offers excellent service and legal representation in his private law practice for persons in need of Criminal Defense; Civil Rights/Constitutional Law and Appeals representation.

New York Police Brutality Lawyer

Incidents of police brutality take several forms in addition to physical, mental and emotional abusive treatment. It can extend to false arrest, racial profiling, sexual abuse, corruption, intimidation, political repression and more. Sometimes the victim dies from harsh police brutality. While police are allowed and expected to use force as necessary, there are boundaries set by society and the U.S. Constitution. No police office is above the law; acting so can be a crime.

Fight Back with Legal Representation

You are always entitled to proper treatment within police and court systems. If you have had those rights violated, the only way to ensure justice if yours is to obtain highly qualified defense from a New York Police Brutality Lawyer. Ameer Benno not only understands the smallest details of the legal options, but he has lodged challenges against and helped create changes in the landscape of criminal courts in New York State.

Attorney Ameer Benno is an avid protector of civil rights and an aggressive advocate for plaintiffs when their constitutional rights have been violated. Police brutality violates your Constitutional rights; you deserve to have the best quality legal representation possible if you or a loved one has suffered harm due to police brutality.

Attorney Benno focuses his law practice in NY, serving clients statewide. Call for an initial consultation now to discuss your case history and options for fighting back against police brutality. Contact Ameer Benno, Attorney at Law, in New York, NY, now for the strong legal defense you need; call him now, at (212) 227-9300.

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