Federal Criminal Appeals

Presenting Federal Criminal Appeals is a special area of law practiced by skilled defense lawyers like New York Attorney Ameer Benno. Getting your appeal motion approved and your case reheard in Federal Court can alter the future of your life and your freedom. Appeals are an important part of the U.S. Court System; you should exercise your right to challenge a court decision you feel is incorrect.

Attorney Ameer Benno

An experienced criminal defense lawyer who has dedicated his lengthy legal career to civil rights, Attorney Ameer Benno is ready to help his clients fight injustice and make strong appeals in State and Federal Courts. He has a long history of working as an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District of New York State and with other state and federal court districts. He is experienced with briefings and successful arguing of criminal and civil appeals in many NY Supreme Court Departments, the NY State Court of Appeals and U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

New York Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Since no court is infallible, and sometimes court decisions are made in error, there is a system for making an appeal against a decision you believe to be wrong. Mistakes are made, and evidence can be missing or altered. You need to consult with a high quality New York Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer to determine if you do have grounds to ask for an appeal. If you prevail, the case can be sent back to the courtroom for a new determination. This could change your entire future if you win your appeal, so having a highly experienced defense appeals lawyer is essential.

Our Experience Brings You Advantages

There is no substitute for experience, and Ameer Benno has plenty of winning courtroom experience to bring you the critical advantages you need when you attempt to get approval for your appeal request. His law firm is actively representing clients for appeals in state and federal courts; Ameer knows current trial practices, special techniques and issues that may be important to your case. He knows how to uncover errors in the trial process that could allow you a new trial. Your appeal could result in reversal of a court decision, dismissal of the entire case and other desirable outcomes.

Contact Attorney Ameer Benno today at his NY law offices for the legal representation you need to create a Federal Criminal Appeals request for you or a loved one. He is serving clients statewide; call Attorney Benno now, at: (212) 227-9300.

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