Police in Chandler, Arizona thought they had the right guy in a fatal nightclub shooting, based on eyewitness accounts –  problematic enough even when the suspect’s identical twin brother is not also at the scene.  Now, after additional eyewitnesses came forward and claimed Brandon Nembhard was in fact the shooter, prosecutors have dropped the original charges against Orlando Nembhard without prejudice.

Interesting idea of justice from the victim’s family: when you have two suspects, one of whom is certainly guilty, why not just “put them in a room and let them battle it out,” and let them decide between them “O.K., who’s going to do the time?”  It’s unclear whether this novel procedural device would apply only to identical twins, or if it would extend to people who look very similar, or are simply close friends.  I guess the courts would have to flesh it out.

According to the NYT, there is a Yonkers connection.


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